What attracts Mice to your house

March 20, 2022

What type of mice do we find in our homes?

House mouse - Mus musculus, is the most common found in London and other inner cities.

Interesting fact: 2 mice can make up to 2000 in one year in perfect conditions.

What attracts Mice in your house?

Food, water and harbourage… The fact is that mice have been living along side us humans for thousands of years and recorded in scriptures as far back as ancient Egyptian times

What will they eat?

Mice are omnivorous and eat in sporadic patterns.

What will they eat?

Mice will eat both plant and animal origin foods, especially when near fast food restaurants and food waste. On average they will look to eat 10% of their body weight each day, approximately 3g.
House mice are sporadic eaters, meaning they will eat little and often small amounts from different food sources. Unlike rats, mice don’t need fresh water to survive, they can live on
the moisture from the food they eat

Baiting - Eradication

Eliminating harbourage, food and moisture is our best way of eradicating a mice infestation in your home however, sometimes this is just not enough.

One of the most effective ways of getting rid of mice is by implementing a baiting programme, this is to be used as a last resort due to the effects of rodenticides in the environment but is often most needed when they’re living in the cavity of our building.

We have access to professional baits (fat and grain based) and will target the mice using their behavioural patterns. This gives us the best chance of eradicating the whole infestation.


rapping mice has its uses but can be quite inhumane as the rodent may be trapped by one limb and the time it takes to die can be prolonged. Also, if you miss with the trap, the mice are true survivors and are clever enough to see the danger and may go bait shy, meaning they will not feed in that area.

How to keep mice out of your home

  • Remove their alternate food source– if this is food waste, ensure that food bins are sealed, so rodents can’t access them.
  • Replace damaged waste bins and keep them clean and tidy.
  • Any food stored outdoors, like bags of dry pet food, fishing bait etc, ensure it’s in sealed plastic boxes.
  • Use a professional company to implement a baiting programme
  • Proofing/sealing all entry points internally and externally.

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