We are committed to providing the highest level of service and delivery on each and every contract it undertakes.

We recognise that on occasion we may fall short of this commitment and therefore it is imperative that our clients and other parties who rely on our services are able to raise any complaints and concerns they have in confidence that they will be investigated and responded to in a satisfactory manner.

The Company has therefore resolved to implement and operate this Complaints Procedure in order to ensure complaints are handled properly and as part of our ongoing quality management process.

Informal complaints

The Company is committed to resolving complaints as quickly and efficiently as possible and this is best done on an informal basis.

Where a person makes a complaint to a member of the Company then that person should, if they are able and authorised to do so, state to the complainant how the issue will be resolved and in what timescale.

If the member of the Company is not able or authorised to deal with the complaint then they should make a note of the complaint and contact details and provide these to the Managing Director.

The Managing Director will then, either personally or by delegation, contact the complainant to inform them how, and in what timescale, the complaint will be responded to.

All material informal complaints must be recorded in the Company Complaints Records. Material complaints are those which indicate a shortfall or failing in the Company skill set, policies or procedures.

Formal complaints

Where a person contacts the Company and indicates that they wish to make a formal complaint they should be directed to do so in writing to the Managing Director. Such complaints can be made by email or sent by post/fax or hand delivered to:


Address: Combat Pest Control, Wellington House, 273-275 High Street, London Colney, Hertfordshire, AL2 1HA

Any complaint received in writing, even if not stated to be formal, should be treated as a formal complaint unless it is evidently a minor complaint that was not intended to be dealt with formally.

The Managing Director is responsible for the handling of all formal complaints. The Managing Director may, depending on its nature, refer the complaint to a third party to investigate and make recommendations.

Once a formal complaint has been received by the Company it shall be responded to in the following way:

Acknowledgement of receipt

The Company shall acknowledge, in writing, receipt of all formal complaints within five working days.

The acknowledgement shall state what steps the company will take to investigate and resolve the complaint and the predicted timescale for doing so.


The Company will undertake an investigation into the complaint to the extent which it considers reasonable.

What is reasonable will depend on the nature of the complaint including but not limited to any loss or damage the complainant alleges it has suffered because of the matter complained of and any legal or regulatory requirement which relates to the matter complained.

The Company shall endeavour to complete the investigation in a timely manner and in accordance with the timescales set out in the acknowledgement of complaint. Where the Company is unable to meet such timescale it will notify the complainant of this fact as soon as is practicable and provide them with a revised timescale.

Formal response

The formal response shall:

  • Summarise the investigation(s) carried out into the complaint
  • Summarise the findings of the investigation(s)
  • State whether or not the Company has upheld the complaint, in full or in part, and if not the reasons for not upholding the complaint, or any part of it
  • State what, if any, action the Company has or will take as a result of upholding any or part of the complaint

Once the Company has completed its investigation it shall provide the complainant with a formal written response to the complaint.

Further steps

Normally there will be no further right of appeal against the findings of the Company in relation to any complaint.

However, where the complaint relates to work carried out by the Company which is subject to any regulatory, oversight or similar scheme which provides for the investigation of complaints against the Company then the Formal Response to the complaint shall provide the complainant of details of how to escalate their complaint to the scheme providers.

Company Complaints Records

The Company shall maintain a record of all formal complaints and material informal complaints.

This shall be done in the form of the Company Complaints Records which shall show the following:

  1. Who made the complaint
  2. The date the complaint was made
  3. What the substance of the complaint was
  4. What investigation was taken into the complaint and by who
  5. What the outcome of the complaint was
  6. What action, if any, was  to be taken as a result of the complaint, both in direct response to the complaint and more generally to the Company’s policies, procedures and organisation

The Company Complaints Record shall be audited on a yearly basis to ensure that all corrective action has been taken and as part of the Company’s quality management.